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Visit the Farm

Explore our on-site farm, which is home to an ancient breed of highland cattle. 

Parts of the Au Diable Vert farm have been occupied since as early as the 1780s, following the expulsion of British Loyalists from the newly formed United States. English families literally walked across the border to Canada and lived as squatters until they were eventually welcomed as Canadians. During your visit to the farm, you can see stone walls and pastures that have been cleared for all this time and appreciate one of the few remaining active alpine farms in the region.

Highland Cows

Highland cattle are an ancient breed, originating in the highlands and western isles of Scotland. Living there unchanged for centuries under rugged conditions and severe climate, the highland cow developed a thick, shaggy double coat (not back fat) to survive. Unlike many modern, commercial breeds, highlands have not lost the ability to thrive on grass alone.

Natural Grass-Fed Beef

You can also purchase our natural highland meat directly from the farm in small and large quantities. Our cows are grass fed and are not given artificial additives, hormones, or antibiotics.

Scottish highland cows are slow maturing, making the meat fine textured and succulent. The meat is well marbled, but very lean and is processed under Quebec government inspection.