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Summer Activities in Quebec? You Bet!

The weather is beautiful during the summer in Quebec, so it only makes sense to get out in it for some fun activities.

We're all about summer fun here at Au Diable Vert. Enjoy everything from riding waterslides and tubing to kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding during your stay in one of our unique cabins.

River Kayaking
$40 Adults | $30 Children (under 15)
Rental for 2 hours (if available): $25/person

Kayak the river everyday at 10:30am from May to October. This unguided 11-km float down the Missiquoi River is the perfect way to spend a day with friends or family. With your car pre-parked at the arrival point, our vans whisk you upstream to the departure point. You come downstream, at your own pace, stopping, swimming, and paddling at your own rhythm.

Wildlife, unspoiled nature, and almost no other people on the river ensure you a spectacular experience day or night. Remember to reserve early!

Moonlight Kayaking
$40 Adults

Throughout the summer, we offer guided moonlight kayaking trips. These guided tours leave in the evening, with the first part of the decent being towards the setting sun, ensuring a great view. Half way through the trip, you'll stop for a campfire (feel free to bring a snack or drink). The second half of the trip is illuminated only by the moonlight reflecting off the trees, valleys, and water. 

Your ticket includes a kayak, paddle, life vest, shuttle, and guide. 

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

  • $25/person for 2 hrs
  • $35/person for 4 hrs
  • $45/person for the entire day

SUP is an acronym for ‘Stand Up Paddle.’ SUP boarding is a surface watersport where a paddle is used while standing up on a large surfboard.

One of the main advantages of SUP sports is excellent visibility on the water. Paddling from an upright, standing position provides a greater angle of visibility over the water. A stand-up paddle surfer can see deeper into the water as well as farther over the water’s surface.

Try out this new activity on the calm waters of the Missisquoi River. A beautifully wild 3-km section will take you to a secluded pebble beach. Have a swim and a rest before heading back up river to Au Diable Vert.

River Tubing

  • $10/person for 2 hrs
  • $15/person for 4 hrs
  • $20/person for the entire day

Don’t have the whole day to kayak, or feel like staying closer to your tent, cabin or apartment? Our new river tubing option is perfect for you! Start off with short riverside walk up of 15 minutes to the gravel river bank where you will start off, then float down the river, about a kilometer (approximately 30 minutes), and then do it all again!

Tubes are provided. Life jackets are also provided for children, though in 3" to 3' of slow-moving water, there is no need to worry about anything.


Three fishing options exist for Au Diable Vert guests. As long as you have your Quebec fishing permit (and are following the rules), you can fish from one of two gravel banks on the Missiquoi river. Most guests have good luck. A variety of fish can be found, including US government-stocked trout that swim North into Canada.
Your second option is to take your rod and tackle on a kayak excursion. Another very good option, as the best places to stop on the river are also the best places to fish—where the mountain creeks enter the main river, creating large gravel banks.

The third option is to tour the region looking for trout or bass, with either your spin-cast or fly-fishing rod and one of our fishing guides. Many local options exist. Contact us for details.


A large number of guests and birding groups and associations call Au Diable Vert their birding home! A constant array of birds are visible during all seasons. From the hawks, jays, and giant wild turkeys that stay all year, to the migrating arctic terns that visit only for a day or two, to the barred owls we hear every evening, you are sure to make some sightings,whether professional or amateur.

Night Sky Observation

One of the most impressive features of Au Diable Vert is the incredible night sky. Almost completely void of any visible lighting in the mountains surrounding us, the Milky Way comes alive, satellites are visible several times a night, and planets appear different colours.

Our park is also a popular place during special celestial events, particularly during the late summer meteor showers like the Perseids in August. The Perseids are named after the point from which they appear to come, in the constellation Perseus. The name is derived in part from the word Perseides (Περσείδες), a term found in Greek mythology referring to the sons of Perseus.

This prolific meteor shower is visible each year starting in mid-July, with the peak of activity being between August 9 and 14, depending on the particular location of the stream. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour. They can be seen all across the sky, but are primarily visible in the northern hemisphere.

It is very unusual to have such extraordinary skies only 1½ hours from large cities; you’ll have to see it to believe it!