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What to Do in Quebec 

From the blizzards of winter and the springtime blooms to summer sun and storms and the autumn spectacular, four seasons of eco-lodging and people-powered activities await you at the Au Diable Vert in Glen Sutton, Quebec.

Enjoy a number of fun things to do right here at our Glen Sutton park or in the area's surrounding it. We offer everything from treetop cycle adventures and waterslides to snowshoe and skiing trails, while you can find quaint local shops, restaurants, and more when you stop into nearby Abercorn and Sutton. Just ask us for recommendations on Quebec recreation during your stay.

Hike Our Private Trails

All Au Diable Vert guests and registered day visitors have access to our private network of trails. From sweeping, open trails across our alpine pasture at 1,000’ to steep, winding trails that cross brooks and cliff bands, there is something for every taste and level.

We have 14 km of trail that are accessible on foot from April to November, but they almost always require snowshoes, cross-country, or back-country skis in winter months. Trails are newly marked with a colored system of circuits, with hiking times ranging from 30 minutes to two hours for each of the colored trails. 


  • Daily Access Pass: Adult – $5 | Kids - Free
  • Year Access Pass: Adult - $30 | Family - $50

Sutton Mountain Range Trail Network

Unfortunately the access through the Sentiers de L’Estrie (towards Lake Mohawk and Round Top) is temporarily CLOSED.

The Sutton Mountains are home to five trail partners, which include the Sentier de l’Estrie, Parc Environnmental de Sutton (PENS), the Reserve Naturel de les Montagnes Vertes (RNMV), Sutton en Haut, and Au Diable Vert. More than 274 kms of trails are accessible to Au Diable Vert guests.
The Sentier de l’Estrie crosses Au Diable Vert for over 2 kms, allowing our guests to follow the trail in either direction. Southwest brings you towards the starting point of the Sentier de l’Estrie, and northwest towards Lake Mohawk and Round Top (the summit of Mont Sutton).

Please note that dogs are strictly prohibited on the Sentier de L’estrie and the PENS trails.  You will be unable to use these trails to access Lake Mohawk and the Round Top.

Round Top

The summit of Mont Sutton is called Round Top, and at 968 m (or 3,820'), is overshadowed only by Jay Peak to the north. A hike of about 6 hours round-trip in ideal summer conditions, it can be impossible to tackle in one day in winter, depending on snow conditions. Always visible to the north, our unique perspective from the southside is completely unspoiled with no lights or development visible.

Lake Mohawk

A classic alpine lake, Lake Mohawk is surrounded by pines and rocks and is a popular destination for guests wanting to hike a little further, or a little higher. The trail to the lake is steeper and more narrower than most trails at Au Diable Vert, with the return trip being at least four hours in summer conditions and more than twice as long with new snow. In any condition though, the lake is and features a panoramic viewpoint on its south side.

At Your Leisure

Night Sky Observation

One of the most impressive features of Au Diable Vert is the incredible night sky. Almost completely void of any visible lighting in the mountains surrounding us, the Milky Way comes alive, satellites are visible several times a night, and planets appear different colours.

Our cabins, treehouses, and campsites are popular places during special celestial events, particularly during the late summer meteor showers like the Perseids in August. The Perseids are named after the point from which they appear to come, in the constellation Perseus. The name is derived in part from the word Perseides (Περσείδες), a term found in Greek mythology referring to the sons of Perseus.

This prolific meteor shower is visible each year starting in mid-July, with the peak of activity being between August 9 and 14, depending on the particular location of the stream. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour. They can be seen all across the sky, but are primarily visible in the northern hemisphere.

It is very unusual to have such extraordinary skies only 1½ hours from large cities; you’ll have to see it to believe it!


Three fishing options exist for Au Diable Vert guests. As long as you have your Quebec fishing permit (and are following the rules), you can fish from one of two gravel banks on the Missiquoi river. Most guests have good luck. A variety of fish can be found, including US government-stocked trout that swim North into Canada.
Your second option is to take your rod and tackle on a kayak excursion. Another very good option, as the best places to stop on the river are also the best places to fish—where the mountain creeks enter the main river, creating large gravel banks.

The third option is to tour the region looking for trout or bass, with either your spin-cast or fly-fishing rod and one of our fishing guides. Many local options exist. Contact us for details.


A large number of guests and birding groups and associations call Au Diable Vert their birding home! A constant array of birds are visible during all seasons. From the hawks, jays, and giant wild turkeys that stay all year, to the migrating arctic terns that visit only for a day or two, to the barred owls we hear every evening, you are sure to make some sightings,whether professional or amateur.

Animal Tracking

The large number of animals that call the Sutton Mountains and Au Diable Vert home really becomes visible in the winter. The tracks of least 20 different animals and birds can be seen at various times. From coyotes, deer, and moose to fox, lynx, marten, and ermine, it's an animal tracker's dream and every child's delight to imagine the animals that came in the days, or even hours, before them.